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Shrink Films

Shrink Films

Shrink Films: Both for manual as well as machine use, Darnel offers a wide variety of industrial films specifically designed with processors in mind. 

This films are ideal for the packaging of meats, produce, fish, baked goods and more. The properties of these films allows for easy transfer of both CO2 and O2, while at the same time protecting foods from contamination and therefore extending the shelf life of products. These films are also manufactured with excellent memory to make sure that when packages are poked or manipulated at store level the presentation is maintained intact.
Printing options available
Ideal for automatic packers
Excellent memory, elongation and adherence.


We know that our packaging is just a display case for your product. For that reason we have developed a new set of high visibility cake domes that brings more clarity to the product being packaged.

For higher breathability we have developed a new set of micro-perforated films that are ideal for packaging delicate fruits and vegetables as well as mushrooms...

Featured products

Ideal for institutional use these are manufactured to perform well during use.

Darnel Polyolefin Shrink Films provide improved strength and excellent sealing.