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Who we are
Our Darnel brand provides an extensive line of food packaging and recyclable tableware manufactured with quality in mind.
Darnel in the World
Our vast distribution and production network allows us to coordinate both ground and ocean freight efficiently making sure to offer the best Customer Service posible to our customer base which is spread out across the globe.
Darnel Social Responsibility
Darnel is committed to responsible labor practices as well as manufacturing with the environment in mind. All of its manufacturing facilities use technologies that protect the environment and our internal standards go beyond local regulations. As an example, our foam products are certified free of chloro fluoro carbons as per the Montreal Protocol set by the United Nations. All of our facilities dispose properly of any industrial and water waste created in the manufacturing process, often recycling these within the plant.
As a company we strive to offer the best possible service providing our customers with the information they need in a timely manner. Our highly trained group of individuals are ready and available to help you out on any new project you may be tackling.
Darnel Innovation
Darnel has a dedicated R&D department working consistently to provide our customers with new and innovative packaging products. Taking into consideration quality, design and cost effectiveness this group offers solutions that are viable in the marketplace. We also work with individual customers to develop products specific to their needs...


We know that our packaging is just a display case for your product. For that reason we have developed a new set of high visibility cake domes that brings more clarity to the product being packaged.

For higher breathability we have developed a new set of micro-perforated films that are ideal for packaging delicate fruits and vegetables as well as mushrooms...

Featured products

Ideal for institutional use these are manufactured to perform well during use.

Darnel Polyolefin Shrink Films provide improved strength and excellent sealing.