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PVC Shrink Films

PVC Shrink Films

Darnel PVC films shrink very quickly in tunnel machines or even with hand blowers making them eco-friendly in their efficient use of energy. Preferential shrink films are ideal for narrow long products, where you need less shrinkage in the machine direction than the transverse.

Low Shrink Films
Low shrinkage films are ideal for packaging lightweight flat products that can bend easily during shrinkage, such as magazines. These films will fit just right on your products to enhance their presentation. Use these films for paper doilies, magazines, paper plates, catalogs and printed materials.

Preferential Shrink Films
Darnel films are also offered with preferential shrinkage for irregularly sized products. These are ideal for packaging long products such as gift wrap rolls where you need to apply a different percentage of shrinkage vertically than horizontaly. Use these films for: wine bottles, drawer liners, posters, vase and other irregular objects. Standard offerings include 40% x 40%, 10% x 10%. Other shrink percentage options available upon request as a special order.

Better Clarity
Perfect for products that are easily distorted or crushed
Printing options available


We know that our packaging is just a display case for your product. For that reason we have developed a new set of high visibility cake domes that brings more clarity to the product being packaged.

For higher breathability we have developed a new set of micro-perforated films that are ideal for packaging delicate fruits and vegetables as well as mushrooms...

Featured products

Ideal for institutional use these are manufactured to perform well during use.

Darnel Polyolefin Shrink Films provide improved strength and excellent sealing.